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Sacrifice for Freedom Class Project

Students in Sacrifice for Freedom class, which focuses on historical research in English and a Foreign Language, are working on a porject to document the lives of people who made sacrifices duing the World War Two Era. One part of the project is a memorial at Maranacook Community High School, dedicated to Lewis Frelan Goddard, a soldier killed in the War.
Check out the article featured in the KJ:
The class has organized a GoFund Me website to try and raise money for the project. If you are interested in contributing here is the link to the project: gofund.me/frelanww2

Pages of opinions, stunning art, and simply entertaining reads! The Tingley Bear project, taken on by our journalism class, shows off students' works and ideas whether they be editorials, poems, or art pieces. We hope you enjoy our compilation!

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Associates of Arts Thomas College at Maranacook High School
The process is underway and it begins this summer!  
Work is still being done to fully implement this program.

Thomas College and Maranacook High School will collaborate on the design and delivery of a pathway program to enable students to simultaneously meet the requirements fo high school graduation and the awarding of an Associate of Arts in Arts and Sciences.  We are not fully through the process but we do have an offering this June.  Please click here for course description and application.

Please give us a call at 685-4923 ext 1038  with any questions

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Black Bear Boogie 5K, May 23, 2015
Information and Registration:
Registration Form   (cash or check)
www.runreg.com/blac-bear-boogie-5k-  (credit card or Pay Pal)

Welcome to Guitar Class!!!
Click Link below to access class resources!

Dear Students & Parents,
The HOW Grades are now under the standards grades tab in QuickLookup in PowerSchool.Here's how to check your HOW grades:
Log into PowerSchool.
Next to the "Grades and Attendance" tab you will see "Standards Grades" tab.  
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Click on that. Your HOW grades will be listed for each course you are taking.

Bus Pass Procedure:  All of our busses are full to capacity. If a student would like to take a different bus to a friend's house they need to receive approval from the Transportation Department - Blenny Butterfield at 685-3621.
If a student would like to be dropped off at a different location on the bus they currently ride, please send a note to school and that will be approved.  Thank you for your cooperation.


A Message from the Health Center:

Please be advised that our school is experiencing a number of common viruses at this time. Our absentee rate has been steady, however we would like to remind everyone of the importance of frequent hand washing. Additionally, students should remember to cough into their elbow, and stay at home if they are sick.


Read About the High School NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) Report

Good News-We earned a B on our annual 2014 state report card.  We should be proud of the work that has been done. With that said, we know that we need to continually work to be better.   Currently, according to the report card, Maranacook is ranked 25th out of 122 high schools in the state. We can be extremely proud of that. I know it's due to our tremendous students, hardworking staff and dedicated community.   

On the state report card, our 4 year graduation rate is shown as 80.6%. We recently ended an association with the Phoenix House. Many of the youth that went to the Phoenix House were not successful in returning to a high school after their stay there, and that skewed our graduation data; however, for the 2010-11 school year, which is the graduating class this year, we have only 3 students who might not graduate on time from MCHS.  This would leave us with a 97% graduation rate.  One of the things we do very well here at MCHS is keeping students invested in school and seeing them through to graduation.  This is primarily accomplished through our extensive advisory system.  

Looking at the report, there is much to be encouraged by, but one area we need to focus greater attention on is our reading scores across all disciplines.  We are currently developing a common curriculum for English classes by grade level.  This will help teachers to develop common assessments which will, in turn, aid students in approaching proficiency.   Another way we will be working to increase our reading scores is through our RTI (Response to Intervention) program. This will be imbedded in our new schedule and will allow teachers direct intervention time to work with students who need extra support.    

If you have any questions about the state report card feel free to email, call or come see me.  Thank you for your support, in making Maranacook a caring school community dedicated to excellence.
Dwayne Conway, Principal, Maranacook High School.  (207)685-4923 ext. 1022.
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NEW! Check out the great new website created by  MCS graduate, Emma Gyorgy! Click here..

The new Maranacook Community High School Food Pantry would appreciate your help!  We have recently established a small pantry (to be housed with the Black Bear Boutique) and seek donations of food items or cash in order to help our students.  Cash is most helpful so we can shop for what we find our students can use most easily, but we are grateful for boxes or cans of mac and cheese or other pasta, canned fruit, or other items that would require minimal preparation.  We have already received wonderful support from area businesses, and would like to thank Augusta Fuel Company, J&S Oil, Mulligan's, and Saunders Manufacturing.  We are also grateful for contributions of cash and food from private citizens, including parents of current students, and families of alumni.  Your continued involvement in our school is inspiring.
For further information, or to donate, please contact Cynthia Kuhns (Ed Tech in the high school Media Center) at 685-4923 ext. 1076, or Sandy Hunter in the Health Center, ext. 1033.  As always, thank you so much for helping our school and our community.

NEW! IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ATTENDANCE!!! A reminder to all parents and family members that whenever a student is going to be late to school or absent from school, a parent/guardian should call the school to let us know their child will be tardy or absent that day. To report an absence or tardy, call 685-4923, press 1 for the high school and press 8 for the attendance line. Starting on Monday, 9/9/13, we will be generating phone calls to parents/guardians using School Messenger whenever a student is tardy to homeroom unexcused or absent from school unexcused. These phone calls will be generated at 9:30 am daily for all students who are tardy or absent from school without a phone call or note from home. We will be using the phone number in Powerschool to make these calls. Please call Steve DeAngelis or Patricia Stanton if you have any questions about this new program.

41213_93402_0.pngPlease consider donating to in these tough economic times!

Web Link Disclaimer:  All links leaving the Maranacook Community High School web sites are provided as a convenience.  Maranacook Community High School does not endorse these sites or have any responsibility for the content of these sites.

The purpose of Maranacook Community High School is to create an environment where every individual can flourish academically and socially. Through respect, knowledge, and responsibility, the school community promotes character building, 21st century skill development, and personal fulfillment.

* Students will be responsible, trustworthy, and honest citizens and be effective, fair, ethical, and skilled collaborators.
* Students will be clear and effective communicators.
* Students will be creative and innovative learners.
* Students will be active, engaged, and motivated learners.
* Students will be rational, explorative, and creative problem solvers.

There are many ways to make a tax-deductible donation!
Send a Check: Please make out to the Maranacook Community School with "Alumni Scholarship Fund" in the memo line and send to:
Steve DeAngelis
Maranacook High School
2250 Millard Harrison Drive
Readfield, ME 04355

Or GO SHOPPING! Use this link when purchasing through Amazon.com and we will get a percentage of your purchase for directing you to their site. All the money raised goes directly to student scholarships and it only takes you one more click!
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