Updated: Important announcement  for Bus 11 Readfield Riders


Due to unforeseen circumstances we are asking Readfield Bus #11 bus riders to plan on finding alternative transportation to schools tomorrow morning Friday, November 20.  

For the return trip home Bus #11 riders will be coming home on Bus #12 .  These students could arrive home up to 30 minutes later than usual.  Also, please be aware that students will be sitting 2 to a seat but the bus will not exceed a capacity of 49 students.  All bus safety protocols will continue to be expected.  We are encouraging, if it is possible, to plan alternative transportation plans for your child if they ride Bus #11 otherwise they will arrive as described.  If you chose alternative transportation please notify the Transportation Manager, Julie Greenleaf at 685-3621 ext. 1. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.