bus schedule graphic

Good Afternoon,

Please find the link below that shows the bus schedules and the estimated times for your child's drop-off for the week of March 6th - March 10th. These bus schedules reflect the Elementary schools being transported home from the elementary schools on their regular bus beginning at 2:30 pm.  The Middle School/ High School students will be picked up and transported home 1 hour later beginning at 3:30 pm.  

Please remember that all students in Grade 2 and under will need an adult present at drop off.  

As you read through our bus schedule please take note if you have a child in high school/ middle school and an elementary school student you should see two drop-off times for your address.  

We will be transporting Wayne High School/ Middle School students on Wayne Bus 8 to Wayne Elementary School in order to make a transfer to Bus 11.  

We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through next week’s busing schedule. Should you have any questions please contact the Transportation Department at 207-685-3621 ext 1.