We held our Maranacook prom tonight at the high school and it was a big success. The students had a great time and got to dance, socialize and play casino card games run by staff. Thank you so much to everyone who helped set up and chaperone the event as well as those who donated supplies. A big thank you to parents Michelle Delisle, Bethany Gates, Becky Vining, Jen Trafton, Sharon Mahoney, Jessica Dwyer, Michelle Lucas, Jen and Michael Clark, Kim Glow, Kim McKee, Florence Clausen and Julie Schmidt. I'm sure I'm forgetting others. 

Also Huge thank you to staff who volunteered tonight to chaperone-Ms. Brackley, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Moran, Ms. Frey, Officer York, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Fecteau, Ms. Desjardins, Mr. Sirois, Mrs. Putnam, Ms. Anderson, Mr. DeAngelis and Mrs. Marvinney.

The biggest thank you goes to Mr. Dorman and Mr. Babbitt who have been planning the event for months. 

It was a great night!