screenshot of play beginning

An original play written, produced, and put on by the MCHS Players, "A Plague Upon Me; or How Not to Save a Life" recounts the story of Webster Marcus Duncan (Jaden Bryant & Evelyn Dearborn), a hack plague doctor who frequently commits medical malpractice much to the dismay of his wife Minerva Duncan (Alyssa Pratt). Seeking to improve upon his impressive mortality and amputation rates, W.E.B. M.D hires college dropout Avery Wotton (Paige Rice) to help at his practice. Touching upon many historical and contemporary themes, and many anachronistic references, "A Plague Upon Me" is the culmination of the MCHS Theater Programs work for the 2020-2021 Academic year, written and performed during the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that the silliness of the content and acting brings you some joy as we begin to return to some-semblance of normal. 

Production Team:
Director - Dan Gilbert
Asst. Director - Thomas Poling
Stage Manager - Conner Easter
Lighting Director - Isaac Easterby
Set Designer - Andre Nile
Sound Director - Evelyn Dearborn
Costume Directors - Josie Charland and Cassidy McCormack
Props Directors - Josephine Walker and Hannah McAdam
Promotion and Publicity - Mila Barnes-Bukher