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Virtual Humanities Night 2021

This year has definitely been one that was filled with new challenges, especially for the Visual and Performing Arts. Each of you that has participated in the VPA courses at Maranacook has contributed significantly to our community. As musicians, artists, and performers, your courage to perform and commitment to showcase creativity transforms our world for the better. In these times, your humor, determination, grit, and affinity for the arts has meaning and measurable impact beyond our walls.

In an increasingly complex world, each of us can generate positivity and make meaning by inspiring others. Many things have changed recently and we know that normal routines have been uprooted. Please remember that your connection to craft and the inspiration shared with our community is ever important. As your teachers, we are proud of your contribution to the Maranacook Visual and Performing Arts.

~Dan Gilbert, Casey Spencer, Tom Ferrero & Jeremy Smith