MCS English Teacher Katy Jones

MCS English teacher Katy Jones motivates her students to read by selecting books around a current event, with Halloween this week it's time for 'Spooky Reading' .  Katy selects several different books for her students to preview. The desks are adorned with black and orange table cloths and stacks of books related to the spooky theme. Students have a vast selection to choose from to be followed with a 'Book Tasting' activity in which they each rate 5 of the books.  The walls are decorated with the Halloween theme.  No matter where you look there is something to learn. Katy has clever displays of  books to read, what books are new,  books of themes they have discussed before, motivational sayings, etc.  Katy takes time to share her love for reading and it shows by the work she does to motivate the kids to read.