The advisory committee for the Maranacook School Based Health Center provides leadership, guidance, and community perspective to the health services staff and school administration. The committee also brings the perspective of health care professionals who work in the broader community. The membership serves to inform the community about health services, the school-based student health center, and to support the programs offered through health services.

Who Are We?
The committee is composed of members of the community; Maranacook parents, students and staff; health professionals; at least one member of the school board; and health center staff. There will be a reasonable attempt to have balanced representation from the four communities who are served by the school. New members are invited to participate each year through public announcement and personal contact. The committee will be led by two co-chairs and a recording secretary. The steering committee will consist of the co-chairpersons, the recording secretary, the Health Center Coordinator and Medical Director. See member list below.

How Do We Function?
The Advisory Committee will meet five times per year and more often as needed. The meeting agenda will be established by the steering committee. Electronic mailings of the agendas and meeting minutes will be provided by the health center staff. Co-chairs for the committee will be elected annually at the final meeting of the school year for a staggered two-year commitment. The recording secretary will be elected annually at the same meeting.